The next apprenticeship will start August 16, 2015.
Now accepting applications.


Apprentices Web-1Our apprenticeship is a year long experience in intentional church community. Apprentices form a “mini-community” in our midst in order to think through the concrete ways of how to share life with one another. The experience is designed for anyone who wants to learn the practices that nurture healthy communities.

Elements of the Apprenticeship

Apprentices Web-2The Apprenticeship starts at our Fall Retreat (the third week in August) and ends in July. Apprentices live in households with Sojourner members, share in household meals, meet weekly with a mentor, participate in worship, have a weekly meeting with each other, and read Scripture and other books together in an apprentice class.


  1. Commit to a common schedule and calendar
  2. Share their money
  3. Learn group discernment by making decisions together
  4. Pitch in on church chores
  5. Meet regularly with a mentor
  6. Work an outside job (preferably 28-34 hours a week)

If you are interested in joining the apprenticeship please email Dale Gish (dale [at] churchofthesojourners [dot] org).

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